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Products for Solar Manufacturers

Photovoltaic Module manufacturers from around the globe have partnered with PowerGuard since our founding in 2007, for critical differentiation and risk transfer.

With the increased demands placed on the Solar Module Manufacturing Industry, lenders providing the financing of Solar Projects require long term “backstops” to further support the project’s viability from a risk perspective.

Participation in the PowerGuard Warranty Program assists the Module Manufacturers with the ever increasing, stringent, global project financing and investor requirements.

Features of the PowerGuard Warranty Program for Module Manufacturers include the following:

  • Full 25 years of warranty coverage
  • Immediate Coverage (No waiting period)
  • Online verification of module warranty program participation
  • Third Party components and workmanship covered
  • Program continuation in the event of the manufacturer’s bankruptcy

For existing clients who are manufacturing for other module brands, PowerGuard now offers the opportunity to extend the PowerGuard warranty program to your clients, allowing them to offer their brand with the PowerGuard Warranty Program.

If you are a company that is having your modules produced by a PowerGuard Module Manufacturing Client, please request the PowerGuard Brand extension from your manufacturer.

Contact PowerGuard for additional information.