Battery Energy Storage Warranty Products

Battery Energy Storage systems are making a play for full-scale commercialization. Reductions in battery storage system costs, combined with growth in solar energy generation, make the solution financially attractive to a growing number of project developers around the world. Lenders that finance these projects require long term “backstops” to further support the project’s viability and minimize risk.

Participation in PowerGuard Warranty Programs assist battery and energy storage manufacturers with the increasingly stringent project financing and investor requirements.

Features of the PowerGuard Warranty Program for Battery and Energy Storage Manufacturers include the following:

  • Up to 10 years of warranty coverage
  • Immediate coverage
  • Online verification of battery program participation
  • Third Party components and workmanship covered
  • Program continuation in the event of the manufacturer’s bankruptcy

Whether you manufacture for your brand or manufacture for a third-party, please contact us with assistance in designing your warranty program.

If you are a third party company that is having your batteries produced by a PowerGuard Battery Manufacturing Client, please request the PowerGuard brand extension from your manufacturer.

Contact PowerGuard for additional information.