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Products and Services

PowerGuard has taken a data driven approach to developing warranty products by understanding the needs of our customers and the performance of our customers’ products, delivering flexible, cost effective solutions.

PowerGuard products and services include Solar Warranty Programs, Battery Storage Programs, Wind Turbine Warranty Programs, as well as Risk Management Consulting. These programs enable our clients to obtain insurance where, previously, there was no viable solution.

The global reach of PowerGuard’s programs is reflected in our exclusive line of products and services enjoyed by the finest companies in the renewable energy industry.

Our flexibility is exemplified by one important trait: providing products that protect the long-term viability of PowerGuard’s manufacturer’s products and projects. Our PowerCLIP™ warranty product is a great example of an innovative solution which enables the implementation of long term warranty for wind, solar and other alternative energy equipment and projects.

All of our solutions are customized to meet the clients’ individual needs featuring these products:

  • Programs for PV Module Manufacturers
  • Programs for Project Developers and Owners
  • Project Revenue Protection
  • Solar Solutions
  • Battery Storage Solutions
  • Wind Solutions

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